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PRM-650 2 x 4 Foot Rubber Mat
Part Number: PRM-650
Manufacturer: Prostat Corporation

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  • 2 Layer Static Dissipative Rubber Table Mat
  • Very easy to clean
  • Resistant to heat & chemicals
  • Reflection breaking embossed surface
  • Resistant to Oils
  • PVC Free
  • The rubber worksurface mat is a unique bench-top surface covering designed to be used as a tablemat with defined ground connection or as groundable through the material to grounded conductive workstation, or as a non-grounded surface.

  • Can also be laminated directly to a workbench in place of rigid laminates.

  • This mat is made from StatMat™, a unique, high performance rubber worksurface material that uses volume electrical properties in addition to surface dissipation to protect your sensitive static sensitive products.

  • Each mat is equipped with two ground snaps for easy access to ground.

  • Includes a 15 foot Ground Cord and a Bulldog Clip.