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PRS-801-WV Premium Conductive Rubber Electrode
Part Number: PRS-801-WV
Manufacturer: Prostat Corporation

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The PRS-801-WV Premium Conductive Rubber Electrodes are ideal for qualifying or certifying newly installed ESD Floors, Worksurfaces and other ESD control products. While virtually all 5 pound, 2.5 inch electrodes in today’s industry are perfect when delivered to their end users, over time they may change considerably.

The Prostat Premium Electrodes are measured as described in ANSI/ESD S4.1 for electrode diameter, durometer and resistance of the pad. In addition, these electrodes are electrically tested for flatness using the Prostat PRV-813 Conductive Rubber Electrode Verifier.

A certificate of calibration including all data, treaceable to NIST is provided at no additional cost.